2020 COVA Grants for Preservation, Public Education, and Research

For a tenth year we are soliciting members to submit proposals for projects to be considered for funding under the COVA grant program. Project topics must fall within one of the three main categories that traditionally have made up the core of COVA’s mandate: Preservation, Public Education, and Research. Projects that have as broad a reach as possible (ie. are aimed more at state-wide issues rather than focusing on site- specific activities) are strongly encouraged. The membership has authorized the expenditure of up to $1000 total in 2020, with a maximum award of $500 to any individual applicant. The review process is competitive, and COVA reserves the right to award less than the allotted amount.

To apply, submit a 2-3 page prospectus, to include the names and specific qualifications of the project participants, a complete budget, proposed work schedule, and detailed portrayal of the final product and its value to Virginia archaeology. To qualify, the project must be led by a full COVA member in good standing at the time the application is submitted. COVA grant monies need not be the sole source of funding for project.

The deadline for receiving proposals is June 5, 2020. The successful applicant(s) will be announced via the COVA email list shortly thereafter.

After completion of the project, the recipient will present their findings at the next COVA meeting outlining their project, findings, and the impact of the COVA grant on the project.

Attach the proposal to an e-mail addressed to: Derek Wheeler, Chair COVA Budget Committee dwheeler AT monticello.org