About Us

This website is sponsored by The Council of Virginia Archaeologists (COVA), the Commonwealth’s professional archaeology organization. Founded in 1975, COVA is dedicated to the preservation and study of Virginia’s archaeological resources. The Collections Management Committee, then chaired by Eleanor Breen and Esther White, has focused its attention on assessing the state of Virginia’s archaeological collections through a major survey effort and on promoting research on those significant collections – this website represents one of the committee’s major outreach efforts. COVA’s web editor Eric Proebsting played a major role in supporting the development and hosting of the site. COVA members Thane Harpole, Bernard Means, Lauren McMillian, and Elizabeth Moore contributed their expertise to the projectile point and tobacco pipe mark databases.

Archaeologists and interns conceived and developed the prototypes of the Culture Embossed, Culture Impressed and Culture in Stone websites. Lara Howerton wrote copy for the website, helped develop the form and instructions, and was instrumental in launching the project. Brittany Higgs did much of the background legwork necessary to get this project off the ground. Eric Benson developed the initial version of the website and played a major role in facilitating its redesign. Andrew Benson programed and maintains the redesigned websites which utilize a conventional server/client architecture using php and mysql on the backend, and HTML, CSS, Javascript, and jQuery on the front-end.

The Crowd. That’s you! The projectile points on this website have been contributed by interested participants. You have kindly devoted your time and effort to making this database what it is today, and your efforts are appreciated. Many thanks to all who have contributed. You can join the crowd by contributing now!